Monday, 25 January 2016


In the ups and downs of life we face many situations of life sometimes we become happy sometimes we become sad.I know every one in the life faces pain.

The question is

                       What is The Pain?
Every person has different view on it but my view is that when ever you face such a situation that your heart feels like a burden , whenever your favorite Person dies or you lose you feel the real pain.

We also feel pain whenever our skin gets scratched or scarred or we got injured during an accident but in my view pain from it is not real pain.It is physical pain.
In my idea the pain from words is more than anything like it is said,

       "Words spoken from tongue are   
         More dangerous than anything
                      In the world"

Yeah its true one of most dangerous pain people feel when they got betrayed by their closest person its very dangerous.

     At the end I will just says that we should find ways habits to deal with the pain of life.As A proud Muslim we should follow in the Life Steps of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

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