Friday, 12 June 2015

Reunion with a Friend

He messaged me and I didn't understood what to do.You can say that I had not slightest idea what to do then after 5 minutes thinking two possibilities
a)I should Talk
b)I shouldn't
He was talking to me after a long time about 5-6 month and left without notifying me. So I was angry not clear not obvious what to do.

But people say there is always way so I didn't become evil I talk to him.
             Talked to him but don't well not like but didn't used a single Emo even I use with every one he said he has a problem so he left but how will I know if he didn't tell how I can realize what if I don't know clearly

          Now see what he do with me if he gonna do

I know u will be reading it so u have a chance to explain it. Today or never .

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